Slot Overview: Fruityways Bonanza Megaways

Stakelogic, the company behind this software, clearly has a taste for success and a penchant for fruit. Fruityways Bonanza Megaways is a sequel to popular games like Fruit Storm and Hola Frutas. Also appealing to them is the fact that Fruityways Bonanza Megaways is virtually just Candyways Bonanza 2 Megaways with new graphics. Players may expect a fruit-themed online slot complete with a bonus purchase, free spins with multiplier symbols, and mystery wilds.

Stakelogic’s fruit version is more subdued than its predecessor, Candyways Bonanza Megaways 2, which featured an explosion of random sweet objects. The game takes place on a beach in a tropical setting, complete with swaying palm trees and clear, blue ocean. Most of the fruit here is unique compared to what you would normally find in a fruit machine, such as plums, lemons, grapes, etc., adding to the exotic theme. Fruityways Bonanza Megaways has a nice vibe because to its cheerful music and the delightful way winning symbols bounce and cascade off the grid.

The reels of this Megaways slot spin vertically, with an additional reel tracking horizontally above them. Up to 117,649 ways to win are possible, depending on the amount of symbols that land on the main reels. Bets range from 20 pence to £/€20 each spin, and the game may be played on any device. Players can also activate the Super Stake feature, which doubles the wager. When Super Stake is activated, free spins are twice as likely to occur. The game is just as risky as previously, with a maximum RTP of 95.8% (but lower models may be found).

Wins in normal methods occur when identical symbols appear on consecutive reels, beginning with the first reel. From low to high, the pay symbols look like various tropical fruits, including passion fruit, lychees, papaya, apricots, dragon fruit, kiwis, pineapples, coconuts, watermelons, and bananas. Incredible feast. Six of a kind pays anything from 0.7 to 10 times the wager.

Slot Highlights: The Fruityways Bonanza Megaways

Cascading winnings, Mystery Wilds, and free games with Multiplier Symbols are mixed in with all the healthy ingredients.


When the reels stop on a winning combination, the winning symbols vanish from the board. Whenever a win is made, the remaining symbols on the reel strips drop into the resulting empty spaces, and the cascade feature begins again.

Unknown Wilderness

The Mystery Symbols are a special kind of wild that only show on the first reel and can replace ordinary pay symbols. Any occurrences of the same symbol type below the Mystery Symbol on the same reel become wild as well.

Bonus Turns

Free spins are triggered when 4 or more surfboard bonus scatters appear anywhere in the main game. The following choices are available to the players:

The Super Free Spins feature awards 15 free spins with multiplier symbols worth anywhere from 2x to 30x the wager.

Mega Free Spins: 10 free spins with Multiplier Symbols worth anywhere from 2x to 50x the win.

Eight wild free spins with multipliers from two times to one hundred times the wager.

Only during free games do Multiplier Symbols appear, with values ranging from 2x to 100x, depending on the mode selected. Cascades do not result in the removal of Multiplier Symbols from the board. Each Multiplier Symbol in view adds to the overall win for the current free spin when the cascade stops. Finally, the initial amount of free spins is re-awarded if 4 or more Bonus Scatters symbols are present on the reels at the end of a cascading sequence.

Funds Bonus Purchase

When the Buy Bonus option is available, players can purchase 100 times their initial wager in exchange for a set number of free games. After purchasing and activating, players can select from three different tiers of free spins: Super, Mega, or Insane.

Money in the Fruits! Final Say on Megaways Slots

The first iteration of Candyways Bonanza Megaways included three reels of an unusually large size for the Megaways format. Although its grid size was on the lower side, the cumulative effect of its Multiplier Symbols was significant. Even though Candyways Bonanza Megaways 2 had a larger, more standard 6+1 grid, it nevertheless carried a powerful punch. The developers opted to avoid the risk-taking of the original game’s setup and instead go with a tried-and-true formula for the fruit crossover. Consequently, individuals who desire something a little bit out of the ordinary are just as likely to be disappointed in Fruityways Bonanza Megaways as they were in Candyways Bonanza Megaways 2.

But that doesn’t mean you should write off Fruityways Bonanza Megaways; it’s just as fun to play as the original. Stakelogic included some creative symbolism with the fruits, giving the game an air of relaxing on a tropical beach. Maybe somewhere exotic like the Caribbean or Cuba. The gameplay is undoubtedly just as fun as before with the reskin, with the bonus rounds still serving up cascades and accumulating Multiplier Symbols. Also unchanging is the maximum win limit of 30,000 times the initial wager. The biggest difference between this version and the last is that the gamble option is no longer available.

Players who like the original sweets version are likely to enjoy the new, healthier food version as well, given that they are both reskins. The action in Fruityways Bonanza Megaways moves along nicely; the slot machine is visually and sonically pleasing, and it has a few tricks up its sleeve that it can use during bonus rounds. While there is nothing particularly novel or interesting to discover, Fruityways Bonanza Megaways might be the way to go if relaxing on the beach with a playable slot is on the agenda.

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