Ghouls Gold is a web-based slot game.

Ghouls Gold is a slot machine developed by Betsoft that is both unusual and fun. It was designed to answer the issue of what a traditional three-reel slot machine would look like if it was influenced by Casper the Friendly Ghost. This is not your typical slot game since it employs non-standard gameplay elements like as one-of-a-kind payline mechanisms and just three fixed paylines, all of which are shown on their own screens. If you play it at an online casino for real money, you have the chance to win a share of prizes of up to 1,500 coins every round in addition to a progressive jackpot. However, in order to do so, your device must be capable of running Flash.

Ghouls Gold, like many other earlier Betsoft games, may not provide the “cinematic” 3D animations and features for which the developer is currently renowned, but it does offer some valuable bonuses. This slot machine has not only a progressive jackpot but also a traditional hold function, wild symbols, and a click-me bonus, all of which, when combined, have the potential to increase the amount of money you win and the level of excitement during every game you play. Before you start betting real money on Ghouls Gold, make sure you’ve read the following review, which has all the information you want.

How to Play the Online Slot Game “Ghouls Gold”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Ghouls Gold slot machine is easy to operate since it has such basic functions and a straightforward design. The first step in getting the game ready to play for real money is to push the button that corresponds to the coin value that the slot machine is guiding you toward. Next, make your selections for how many coins you wish to wager on each payline by using the option labeled “bet per line.” The minimum wager in the game is 0.03 credits, but even if you decide to increase it, you won’t wind up spending a fortune since the most you can spend on a single spin is just 15 credits. This is a rather low maximum bet for a Betsoft slot machine.

Once you start the reels in motion, you’ll have the opportunity to earn rewards by collecting up to 10 distinct symbols. Some of these symbols relate to the overall theme, while others seem to have been taken directly from a traditional fruit machine. When you select the “see payment” option, you’ll be able to see a list of all the symbols that are available and the rewards that they give. The rewards that are shown in the paytable are awarded as a multiplier to the value of your coin, and the amount of that multiplication is different depending on whether you wager one coin or more than one coin on each line. Play with the minimal stake to earn prizes ranging from one coin to one hundred coins; however, play with the highest stake per line to win more, up to five hundred coins each winning sequence. You will also have the opportunity to decide which rewards you will be going for, all due to the one-of-a-kind hold feature that this slot machine has.

On the other hand, the fact that Ghouls Gold is not a game that can be played on HTML5 is something that might be a deal breaker for certain players. Because it is only available in a Flash form, the slot machine cannot be played on mobile devices running Android or iOS. However, it can be played on laptops and desktop computers.

Free Spins and Other Features Available in Ghouls Gold

Ghouls Gold provides a gameplay that, on account of its hold feature, is a little bit different from what a lot of gamers are probably used to. The slot machine will draw three symbols at random and place them in the bottom row of the screen at the beginning of each new round. You may then click the hold button beneath each symbol to extend the icon over all three rows, or you can just hit the spin control again to receive a whole new set of symbols.

When you hit the spin button for the second time, the slot machine will provide you with one free spin during which time all of the positions in all three rows of symbols will be filled. Whether you have utilized the hold feature or not, the display on your screen will either be filled with new icons, the symbols that you have been holding, or both of these things. And after the free spins round is through, the feature will be reset, giving you the opportunity to have a whole new go at filling the screen with symbols that will award you payouts.

The click-me feature is the most valuable bonus in Ghouls Gold. This feature may be activated if three ghost symbols appear on any payline. Once this function has been engaged, it will need you to click on ghosts that go around your screen in order to collect as many cash awards as you possibly can before the timer expires. You also have the opportunity to win an even larger sum of money by participating in the progressive jackpot. This jackpot can be won by accumulating three of the jackpot symbol on any of the paylines that are active. When the jackpot symbols occur during one of your paid spins, you have the option of using the hold feature to repeat them.

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